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Jan 14, 2014

Almond Halwa / Badam Halwa - Spicy Treats' 3rd Blog Anniversary !

Hope you all had a wonderful pongal celebration. Pongal is a Harvest Festival and also a special day & Thanks Giving day, that we thank God, Sun & Cattle for the years' Harvest. And its Thanks giving day for Spicy Treats too..yes., Spicy Treats turns 3 today.
I couldn't believe that my little space have completed three successful years.  In 2007, i came to know about blogging and food websites and wanted to create one of mine but i don't know how to start, never thought to seek help from google master. Mr.V also was too busy that time and did not helped me. Then after my kids birth, my interest and desire on blogging took back seat. But i used to click my dishes regularly, just a very simple picture and finally on one fine day, Jan 14 2011 signed in to blogger and started my first post, Vazhaipoo Vadai. No intro, just only the Ingredients and Method of that dish with a picture, this is how i started my blogging.
But in these  3 years have learned and gained so many things and somehow shaped my blog lively with 665 posts, 400 plus Google followers, 600 plus in G+ circle, 1300 plus readers, 1900 plus Facebook Fans & Spicy Treats crossed 40 Lakhs page views!! And now this blogging has been my part of my life and changed my life in many ways. Got to learn more recipes, even tried so many innovative recipes of my own and also my passion towards baking. Food photography that is very new to me which i am learning it day by day. I should thank Mr.V for gifting me Dslr which helping me to present my dishes in much better way. And last but not the least, earned so many wonderful friends without their motivating comments and inspiring words i would not have reached this level.
Even today also my friends made this day even more special with their warm wishes & lovely cards.
This is the card by Priya R...thanks a ton Priya for your hearty wishes.
Another lovely card by Manjula...Thanks so much Manju for your kind appreciation..
One more cute card by Viji..thank you very much Viji for your wishes & love..
I thank each and every one who visits Spicy Treats, my fellow bloggers, dear friends & readers for your constant support and encouragement. Hope you will extend the same in coming days also. Thanks again!

Now coming to the recipe Almond Halwa / Badam Halwa, this is one rich and delicious Indian sweet made of Almonds, sugar & saffron. This is also very simple and easy to make sweet. Have tried this halwa so many times but this time made it specially to post here as Anniversary special post to Thank You all Spicy Treats' readers, visitors, Fans with this Delicious treat.  This is one easy method which i adapted from Vahchef's video. Now off to the recipe...
  1. Almonds    1 cup
  2. Sugar   1 cup
  3. Milk    1/4 cup
  4. Saffron   10-12 strands
  5. Cardamom powder   1 generous pinch
  6. Ghee   3 tbsp

Wash and soak almonds with enough water for 2-3 hours. If you wanted to make it in hurry, then bring 3-4 cups of water to boil and add almonds to the boiling water and let it soak for 30 - 40 minutes and then peel the skin and keep ready.
Now take the peeled almonds in a blender, add 1/4 cup milk and blend it to a fine coarse paste.
After that, take a non stick pan, heat it with 1 tbsp ghee and add the ground almond paste and stir fry for 2 minutes.
Then add 1 cup sugar and keep stirring in medium heat for 2-3 minutes.
And add saffron and keep stirring in medium heat until almond paste bubbles and becomes thicken slightly, now add 2-3 tsp ghee and keep stirring.
Once it starts leaving the pan(to check the right consistency, when you roll a small drop of halwa it should make a non sticky ball, then the right consistency is reached), finally add 1 tbsp ghee stir well and add cardamom powder and switch off the stove.
Transfer the halwa to a greased pan, when it cools down cut into slices or serve in cup.
That's it...Rich & Delicious Almond Halwa ready.

If you find hard grinding nuts with less milk, then add couple of tbsp of milk and blend.
Alternatively you can make a sugar syrup and add the ground paste to it and proceed.
Do not cook halwa in high heat, medium heat and constant stirring is must.
Take care that halwa bubbles and splutters in the begining stage so stir carefully.
Use non-stick or ceramic pans to prevent burning and easy cooking.
If you like you can also add a tiny pinch off food colour to the paste along with saffron and cook.
You can also garnish with sliced almonds.
Add remaining 2 tbsp ghee in regular intervals.


  1. Beautiful halwa Sangee too tempting and do you know badam halwa is my favourite since I was a child. I can never say no to this. What a lovely way to treat all ur fans and that includes me... Sangee wishing you many many more success and tons of good luck. Thanks to blogging I found a really humble down to earth friend and sister in you...


    1. Thanks again dear, glad that i shared one of your favorite on this special day as a small treat. thanks for your love and support..Blessed to have found you. Hugs !

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary Sangee!! Was waiting to see your celebration post.. Badam halwa looks so rich and delicious. Perfect for celebration.. Very festive dear!! Nice selection of recipe, beautiful clicks all in all a wonderful post.. :)

    1. Thanks so much Divya,,you never fail to motivate are such a sweet person who Likes all my FB posts and motivate me, means a lot...thanks again!

  3. Hey congratulations, and nice halwa treat....

  4. Such an delicious halwa dear :) perfect for celebrating the day and thank you so much for sharing this sweet with us , they are very tempting !! wonderfully clicked :) ..A very lovely post sangee wishing you the best things to come in coming years of blogging .. am so glad to find a sweet person thru blogging :) happy blogosvery once again :)

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary Sangeetha :)
    Perfect Halwa to celebrate... And nice photography too :)


  6. Wow... Superb, what a lovely way to thank each and everyone with the most delicious and healthy badam halwa... You are in the peak of blogging world and wishing you to reach more higher and we just want to see the innovative recipes and bakes with the attractive photographs.. Am very proud to say that you are my inspiration (Guru) ;) Congrats Guru ji...:)

  7. a very yummy halwa my favorite and happy blog anniversary to your dear...

  8. happie bloggiversary.. halwa looks so yummy n bful pics..

  9. happy blogoversary sangeetha... that's a perfect way to celebrate... always enjoy ur pics, wishing u many many more years to come... :)

  10. happy blog anniversary.. halwa looks too good.. last click is tempting me a lot.. wishing u many more years of wonderful and succesful blogging.. nice clicks..:)

  11. Congratulations Sangee on your milestone...Wishing you many more years for delicious blogging. Hoping to see more innovative and interesting recipes. Your space is a visual treat indeed.
    Halwa looks really inviting

  12. Congrats sangee....delicious halwa....Keep on rocking,,,,,,we will be with you as ever as always.

  13. Congrats sangeetha on the 3rd anniversary. You do deserve all the praise and love for bringing such a lovely space to us. Wishing many more yrs in blogging...!

  14. Congrats sangee...wish u many more success. Super halwa for celebrate this fun moment!!

  15. Many more happy returns to your blog sangee.Your clicks are always aweful and thanks a ton to MR.V for that .U got a passion for cooking and photography too .
    I love to do sweets of any kind ,this one also i tried but had some flaws and turned into a burfi .Love the halwa in paper ,that reminds me of marriage celebrations .You got a nice color ,texture and clicks .Waiting for many more to come have a happy blog anniversary

  16. Thanks to Everyone for your hearty wishes and for the lovely comments...your few words are really motivating and this is what keeping me to complete 3 successful yrs. You all made my day...thanks again for your love and support.

  17. congrats Sangeetha for completing 3 yrs successfully. An apt post to celebrate blog's anniversary

  18. Happy Blog Anniversary Sangeetha... Awesome and stunning badam halwa. Wish you many many more successful blog anniversaries to come in the following years. lovely lovely clicks sis....

  19. delicious to dig a lover of these little dessert packets....congrats for years to come...happy blog anniversary

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  26. The Halwa looks very yummy&
    Rich. I loved your clicks .

  27. Congrats n belated bday wishes to ur baby blog.. U have almost reached the peak of blogging.. 40lac pageviews n such a huge fan list.. Great.. Ur clicks n presentation are always amazing. U r a huge inspiration to all the budding bloggers out there.. Keep going..
    N wow wat a dish to celebrate the event with ..


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