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Dec 20, 2011

Salt Crackers / Ritz Crackers

        I searched for some savory or salty crackers/cookies recipe I came across this recipe in Cupcake Project site. This is nothing but the famous Ritz Crackers recipe and I was so impressed by their picture and presentation. Also, the recipe was easy and simple and I tried it immediately. It tasted same like the store bought Ritz Crackers, except mine was less salt as I didn't brush the crackers with salty butter.
      I didn't have cookie cutter so I used bottle cap, so couldn't get the perfect round shape. except the shape the crackers turned out good and my kids liked it. Simply we too loved it a lot. Now to the recipe...

Recipe Source: CupCake Project
  1. All Purpose Flour  1 cup
  2. Unsalted Butter    3 tbsp
  3. Baking Powder   1 and 1/2 tsp
  4. Oil   1 tbsp ( i used EV olive oil)
  5. Salt    1/2 tsp
  6. Sugar   1/2 tbsp
  7. Water    as needed to make dough

  • I used my table top grinder to make dough.You can also use processor or simply use hands to make the dough.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit. Line baking tray with parchment paper and keep aside.
  • Take a mixing bowl, add flour, salt, sugar, baking powder and mix everything well.
  • Then add butter(cut in to small pieces-cold not softened completely) and mix well.
  • After that add oil and combine well then add water little by little and knead to soft, smooth and stiff dough.
  • Then on a well floured surface, roll the dough to a large disc, roll it as thin as possible.
  • And cut using a cookie cutter or bottle lid cut to desired shape then place the cut out dough in to the prepared baking tray.
  • Then using a fork, prick each cut out dough , this helps to cook the crackers evenly and prevent puffing up.
  • Bake it for 8-10 minutes. Once done remove from the oven and allow to cool down on wiring rack and enjoy!!


  1. Wow crackers looks absolutely same as like those ritz crackers,my fav anytime..

  2. I am bookbarking right now. :-) Salty or savoury baking is my first choice always. As you have used only simple ingredients, it seems easy and looks crispy.

  3. Crackers look crispy and delicious..

  4. Bookmarked your recipe , wow those biscuits look perfect

  5. Wow, love this Sangee. My neighbor makes this one. It was in great demand from expecting mothers. It is supposed to lessen the morning sickness I suppose.

  6. this cookies reminds me of crakjack namkeens..nice recipe bookmarked

  7. I love savory crackers Sangee .. yummy.

  8. Very nicely made biscuits and nice presentation too

  9. I love krack jack biscuits.. but with this recipe we can make it in home.. very crispy salty biscuits.. looks very nice...

  10. I love salted crackers... I'll be getting the oven soon and I'm definitely going to make these.

  11. I was looking for some salt biscuits recipe. here i got. thanks :)

  12. Crispy & buttery ;) Looks so much like the Time Pass...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  13. Looks really cool, simple stuff makes great bakes.. a good break from all the sugar during holidays.
    Love Ash.

  14. Salt biscuit luks so perfect,thin and crispy...i am bookmarking it..

  15. wow, these look perfect n crispy..good one Sangee...

  16. Perfect tea time snack !! Looks really crisp too :)

  17. Home made ritz...zzzzzz....delicious! :P

  18. Ritz cookies are my fav.looks so crispy and delicious will try it for sure....

  19. I am a big fan of Ritz crackers and this cookies look fab.

  20. looks delicious!!!!!Will soon try this.

  21. lovely! i love it. Thanks


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