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Jul 9, 2015

Mango Strawberry Popsicle | Mango Popsicle With Strawberry | Summer Fruit Popsicle Recipe

Mango Strawberry Popsicle
If you are looking for a simple, healthy summer treat dessert?! Then fresh fruit popsicles like Mango Popsicle, Watermelon Popsicle, Mango Strawberry Popsicle are the best one to enjoy during hot sunny days. These chilled frozen fruit desserts are not only delicious, colorful and also healthy. These real fruit popsicle are dairy free, gluten free, no preservatives needed and all you need is some sugar syrup, lime or lemon juice and desired fresh fruits or seasonal fruits like Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry, Pineapple etc., Mango is my most favorite fruit of all but dunno my kids do not like mangoes but they love mango Popsicle, mango lemonade, mango kulfi. They rarely eat mango fruit as such, so for them i try smoothies, milkshake and now Popsicle. Popsicle are easy to make and the result of frozen fruit puree is always amazing. I love making fruit Popsicle and kulfis. Before the mango season ends do try this Mango Strawberry Popsicle for your kids.Here you go.,

Strawberry Mango Popsicle

Fresh Strawberry
Mango Strawberry Popsicle Recipe
Prep Time : 10 minutes : Cook Time : Nil
Rest Time : 6 hours
Makes  6 Popsicle
  1. 1½ cups mango, peeled and roughly chopped, seeds removed
  2. 1 cup strawberries, hulled and sliced
  3. 1 tbsp lime juice
  4. 1-2 tbsp simple syrup
  5. 6 ice-pop sticks
  • First blend chopped mango chunks into smooth puree and keep aside.
  • Add sliced strawberries to a blender jar and blend to a smooth puree and transfer to a bowl, add syrup, lemon juice stir well.
  • Also chop 2 strawberries into fine pieces and keep ready.
  • In a mixing bowl, add mango puree, simply syrup, little lemon juice and stir well.
  • For layered Mango Strawberry Popsicle: 
  • First pour the mango puree into half of Popsicle mold and cover with its lid and set in the freezer for 1 hour.
  • After the mango layer has set, then remove the mold from freezer and pour the strawberry puree and cover with its lid and let it freeze for 6 hours.
  • You can also do first layer as strawberry, then mango, then strawberry. 
If using sugar, blend it along with the fruit chunks.
Like the same way, you can make mango watermelon Popsicle, mango peach Popsicle or with any desired fruit combo.
Strawberry Mango Popsicle

Mango Strawberry Popsicle


  1. very colourful but healthy popsicles.

  2. Loved the colourful popsicles... kids will surely be attracted.

  3. healthy pops using fresh fruits,looks too makes super popsicles,yummy!!


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