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Jul 19, 2015

Mango Mocktail | Mango Lemon Soda | Summer Mango Drink Recipe

Mango Mocktail Recipe
Summer started here and this week it was so hot and humid almost 91/94 F. I don't feel like going out, it is literally burning hot. Suddenly weather changes, it was only 60 -65 F until last week and it was nice to go out and enjoy the warm weather. Also we got good showers alternate days and some days mornings were bit cold too. And now the real summer started and coming days going to be very hot and sunny. To beat the heat and keep us hydrated, we need to take lots and lots of water, fluids and fresh juices. Kids love to have refreshing drinks more than the dairy based juices/smoothies.

So for them I make vegan and refreshing drinks with fresh fruit juices. This Mango Mocktail is one such easy and really refreshing drink to enjoy this summer. I clicked this picture almost 2 months back when the mango season started. That time, the mangoes we bought was not sweet enough and more of sour taste. So I decided to make Mango Lemonade.
Mango Lemon Soda
Generally, we don't buy any soda or readymade drinks but whenever we have party or guest at home we buy lemon soda as per their request. And with the left over soda I made this quick and simple Mango mocktail. Kids and V loved it a lot. Before the season ends, do try this delicious refreshing drink for your next party and surprise your guest!
Mango Mocktail
Mango Mocktail Recipe
Prep Time : 10 minutes | Cook Time Nil
Serves 3-4
  1. Fresh Mango Puree    1 cup (from 2 mangoes)
  2. Lemon Soda (Sprite)    1/2 cup or less
  3. Cold Water    1/2 cup
  4. Sugar    1/2 tbsp*
  5. Crushed ice - As needed
Wash mango thoroughly, then peel skin and cut into chunks and add the mango chunks into blender, add sugar and blend it to smooth puree.
Then add the mango puree to a pitcher and add water mix well, check for sweetness and adjust accordingly. And then add soda stir well.
That's it..Pour in to the serving glasses and immediately serve with crushed ice.
Decorate with Lemon slice.
*Sugar- the mangoes I used were not sweet so I added about 1/2- 1 tbsp sugar. So the sweetness depends on the mango quality/variety you use. Please adjust accordingly.
You can also serve directly in the individual glasses like I did and store the mango in the refrigerator and use it later.
Instead of lemon soda you can also use plain soda and add lemon juice if desired.
Mango Mocktail

Mango Mocktail


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