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Oct 8, 2014

Paneer Burfi Recipe | Paneer Burfi Using Mawa Powder | Quick Diwali Sweet Recipe

Paneer Burfi Recipe
If you are looking for a quick, easy and rich sweet, then this Paneer Burfi is one such recipe. This Paneer Burfi needs only few ingredients and can be made in a jiffy. With fresh paneer burfi tastes great but you can also use Store bought Paneer. Paneer is an Easy and Instant sweet to try this Diwali. I have tried with both fresh and store bought paneer. Yesterday tried this burfi with my new Indian Mixie that arrived late afternoon. I made Carrot juice with the juicer and powdered paneer, mawa and sugar with it ;) Finally bought Indian Mixie(Preethi Blue Leaf) and now i can try all spice powders, flours at home. Now off to the recipe...

Paneer Burfi
Paneer Burfi Recipe
Preparation Time : 5-10 minutes | Cooking Time : 10-12 minutes
Recipe Category :  Sweets | Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Makes : 8 Burfis

Paneer BurfiIngredients
  1. Fresh Paneer    1 cup
  2. Milk Mawa Powder / Milk Powder   1/2 cup
  3. Sugar   1/2 cup
  4. Ghee/Butter   1 tbsp + 1/4 tsp to grease the plate
  5. Cardamom Powder   a pinch
  6. Slivered Almonds or nuts    for garnishing
  • In a blender/mixie jar, add grated or crumbled paneer, mawa or milk powder, sugar and pulse it for few seconds.
  • Then heat non-stick pan, add butter or ghee when its melted add ground paneer-mawa-sugar mixture.
  • And stir well and cook in medium heat for 10 minutes or until the mixtures turns smooth and starts leaving the sides of the pan.
  • To check the right consistency, wet your fingers and touch a small portion from the laddle and try rolling if it rolls and turn non-sticky then turn off the stove and
  • pour the mixture to a greased plate, using a spoon flatten it evenly to a rectangle or square shape.
  • Soon top it with chopped nuts or slivered almonds, press gently.
  • When its still warm slice it.
  • Once it cooled completely remove the slices and serve.
  • This Paneer Burfi stays good in room temperature for 4 -5 days or you can refrigerate it for 10 days, Once i refrigerated it for 2 weeks in a ziplock.
Milk Mawa Powder is availbale in Indian Grocery store. If not, you can use full fat milk powder.
Try to Use Fresh Paneer.
Cook in low-medium heat, i burnt it little that's why the burfis are slightly brownish.
Keep stirring the entire cook time.
Use non stick or ceramic pans.
Paneer Burfi Recipe

Paneer Burfi Recipe


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