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Oct 14, 2014

Coconut Peda | Coconut Mawa Peda | Coconut Mawa Ladoo Recipe - Easy Diwali Sweets

Coconut Mawa Ladoo
Today I am here with another easy and instant sweet recipes, Coconut Peda and Coconut Mawa Ladoo. Both the peda and Ladoos are delicious and instant sweets that can be made in a jiffy. This is my own recipe, Yesterday while preparing Coconut Condensed Milk Ladoo(coming up next) I tried the same with Milk-Mawa Powder and that turned into this beautiful and delicious Coconut Peda and Coconut Mawa Ladoo. I planned to make Coconut Mawa Ladoo and proceeded with my recipe but at the end when I tasted the Ladoo it tastes like Palkova with coconut flavor. Hence, I named as Coconut Peda and shaped into Pedas and some like Coconut Mawa Ladoo.
Coconut Peda
Both peda and Ladoos are absolutely delicious, cute and tempting. These are perfect for Diwali Parties/get together or any Parties and celebration. Sure a crowd pleaser and are so easy to make in 15 minutes or less. If you don't have Mawa Powder, you can substitute mawa with Milk Powder. Just one recipe that can be made into two forms, either as Peda or Ladoo. Both looks cute isn't it?! Now off to the recipe
Coconut Mawa Ladoo
Coconut Peda & Coconut Mawa Ladoo Recipe
Prep Time & Cooking Time : 10-12 minutes
Recipe Category : Sweets | Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Makes 12 Pedas or 12 Ladoos

  1. Dessicated Coconut   1 cup + 2 tbsp for dusting
  2. Mawa Powder/Milk Powder  1/4 cup
  3. Condensed Milk   1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
  4. Ghee   2 tsp
  5. Cardamom  3 no.
  6. Saffron  3-4 strands
  7. Pistachios   12 no. to garnish peda(6 pistachios - crushed to garnish Ladoos)
  • Heat a nonstick pan, add desiccated coconut, mawa powder, condensed milk and ghee.
  • Stir well and cook in medium heat, keep stirring and cooking until it forms
  • a slightly thick dough. Lastly add crushed saffron strands and cardamom, mix well.
  • If you take a small portion and roll it, it should form a non sticky ball.
  • That's the right stage. Switch off the stove and transfer to a plate.
  • Wait for a minute then knead the dough and start shaping it to Peda or Ladoos.
  • To shape Peda : take a small lime sized portion and make a smooth ball, flat it gently and make a dent in the center and add one whole pistachio and arrange in a greased plate.
  • To Shape Ladoo : take a small portion and roll it to a smooth round shaped ball, roll in coconut and dip one edge in ghee and then dip in crushed pistachio and arrange in a plate.
  • That's it. Delicious Coconut Peda and Coconut Mawa Ladoo ready.
Here I used 1/4 cup and 2 tbsp condensed milk but you can use upto 1/2 cup condensed milk.
You can make it as a plain coconut ladoo by skipping mawa powder.
This stays in room temperatur for 4-5 days and refrigerated ones will remain good for more than a week. Adding saffron is optional.
Coconut Mawa Ladoo

Coconut Peda
Sending this to Vardhini's Dish It Out-Diwali Bash Event and to Diwali Recipes Event at Mayuri's Jikoni


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    1. No fresh coconut will not work, if using you have roast without any moisture and I haven't tried and did not know how the taste will be.


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