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Nov 9, 2012

Thenkuzhal / Diwali Murukku

Another easy, yummy and crunchy murukku to try this Diwali, Thenkuzhal / Diwali Murukku. Yes, we call it as Diwali murukku since this murukku is must and it Mom and Grandma makes it mainly during this festival only. Both my Ma used to make this murukku with freshly ground rice and dal flour but here i used all store bought and its easy and quick to make all authentic recipes with store bought n handy powders. Though the freshness and flavor was not much like the homemade still it tasted crunchy and flavorful :)

  1. Rice Flour      4 cups
  2. Urad dal flour          1 cup
  3. Dalia Powder/ Pottu kadalai Maavu    1/4 cup
  4. Butter or hot oil       4 tbsp
  5. Chili Powder         1/4 or 1/2 tsp
  6. Ajwain seeds/Omam       1 tsp
  7. Sesame seeds            1 tbsp
  8. Salt        to taste
  9. Oil        for deep frying

  • First dry roast urad flour in a pan for 1-2 minutes then remove from the stove and sift the flour and keep ready.
  • Melt butter in a microwave safe bowl and keep ready.
  • Take a wide bowl, add sifted rice flour, urad flour, dalia powder , salt, ajwain seeds, sesame seeds and mix everything well.
  • After that add melted butter and combine with the flour well and then add enough water and knead it to a soft, pliable and non sticky dough.
  • Once done, divide the dough into 10-12 equal parts to fill in the murukku press.
  • Grease murukku press/achu with oil and fill with one part of dough and close it tightly. For Thenkuzhal use 3 round plain achu/plate.(ref pic).
  • Heat oil in a kadai, while its getting hot, 
  • take 2 or 3 ladle turn back side n squeeze roughly in circular motion( i directly squeezed the murukku in hot oil like ribbon pakoda or omapodi), when oil gets hot drop the shaped murukku and fry in medium hot oil till it turns light golden color and also the hissing sound n bubbling stops.
  • Then remove it from oil and drain it in paper towel.
  • That's it...Diwali Murukku ready. 
  • After cooling store it in air tight container.

Fry Murukku in hot oil, if oil doesn't get hot n u drop the murukku turns too crunchy n hard.
So leave 1 minute time after frying each batch so that oil get enough hot.
Do not fry in oil for long time that will also makes the murukku bit hard.
adding ajwain seeds will gives nice taste n flavor to the murukku, so don't omit that...if u really don't like substitute with cumin seeds.
If u used black sesame seeds, murukku looks even more beautiful with black dots here n there :)
The color of Thenzkual murukku will be lighter than the other murukku becoz of urad dal flour n pottu kadalai maavu, the color above shown in the pic is the right and if u cook till dark golden brown then ur murukku will be hard crunchy.
Instead of gram dal powder/pottu kadalai maavu u can also use kadalai maavu/gram flour that willgive u nice golden brown color.


  1. neat presentation and well explained..

  2. Perfectly made thenkuzhal.. lots of diwali recipes from your side.. People at home must be happy.. ;)

  3. Want to bite into some.. I have this more as a snack, does not last till festival time

  4. Dropping here after a long time Sangee...I am loving these thenkuzhals. Love your step by step pics too. Your pictures are looking stunning dear.

  5. Looks perfect :)

    First time here, happy to follow you :)

  6. Prefect thenkuzhal, its been a long i made them, this diwali is going to be only with coconut milk murukku and par boiled rice murukku.Hope both A will be enjoying their mom's savouries thoroughly.

  7. wow!! superbly done!! yummmm..

  8. delicious murukku and presentation looks wonderful

  9. I too make the same way. Nice clicks sangee :)

  10. crunchy murukku all in pristine white and i can say only one thing sangee WOW

  11. so crunchy and yummy..perfect click :)

  12. Wow! so crunchy and yummy

  13. Never knew the reason behind the name of this to know now...
    Very nicely made Sangee...Happy Diwali to you and your family

  14. Yummy.. like the nice light golden color of ur murukku.

  15. Greatttt murukku...looks super!!!

  16. Crispy n perfect murukku...feel like grabbing some :)

  17. I came across your blog while searching for recipe..being a working mom and no experience at all on cooking so i decide to surf for recipes..all the while i only bake basic cakes ie butter cake, choco butter cake, choco steam i want to try other stuff like indian cooking since most of time either my mom or MIL will cook..i want to try on my own ur recipes are easy to under stand and guidance are fantastic..i gonna try to do all ur recipe every week..Good luck and all the best and keep the good yummy stuff coming more n more..

    Acctually i wanna ask u wat is URUD Dhal..i dont know that..please tell me in tamil wats its called? Can i get everywhere??

  18. Perfect murukku...btw can i know wat is urud dhal?? Can i get here in Malaysia..hehe I hardly cook..since finding out ur blog made me to cook and bake :)

    1. Urad dal is Ulutham Paruppu in tamil. Black gram dal /Black lentils and its available in Indian Grocery stores. I think you can get in Malaysia also, check it in Indian / Asian Grocery stores. You can find both urad dal & urad dal flour. If you did not get urad dal flour follow the below step...
      If you have good blender, simply dry roast the 3/4 cup urad dal till light golden brown in medium heat. Then cool it for a while and blend it to a smooth powder, sift and use 1 cup flour.
      Hope this helps and thank you Sree Nithiya for your appreciation. Please feel free to share your feedback or any doubts email me,

  19. Hi yumm. Can we omit dalia as we dnt get here.

    1. It gives nice texture and taste to the murukku. But you can also try without it, in that case, add extra 2 or 3 tbsp of urad dal flour.


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