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Jan 26, 2012

Reposting For the Event - Desserts !

         First of all I wish all my Indi-bloggers and readers a very Happy Independence Day. Today wanted to share some sweets on this great day. So re-posting few for the event.  I feel that after coming to WI me and my family are more prone to infections and often we suffer from cold and flu. Last season also we four suffered lot and 4 times went to emergency (for kids) . And again this season also for the past two months every week one or the other got sick. This week again its my turn, from yesterday suffering from severe sore throat and running nose :( Weather is also getting worst day by day. My cupboard is now completely filled with all medicines-antibiotics,tonics,tablets,vicks,Halls etc. Dunno how we are going to manage another 2-3 months. That's the reason for my absence here n on your blogs' too.

       Today came to remember about Ramya's Event and decided to share at least my archived entries for her Dessert Event. I know definitely I couldn't able to prepare any new recipe right now. I tried to send my entries from her first event but didn't able to post in time, so this time don;t want to miss it and now re-posting some for her event.

Almond Oats Bread Pudding
Badam Kheer
Pineapple Peach Kesari bath


  1. The pudding looks really delectable, I read your old post Sangee..

  2. Nice to see the wonderful desserts again..hope u r getting better dear..take lots of rest and take care..Happy Republic Day :)

  3. Oh god,take care Sangee, wishing you a speedy recovery,btw beautiful entries..


  5. wishing u a fast recovery and the desserts are looking very tempting .......

  6. thank you dear for taking the time to re-post these yummy desserts. Please do Take good care of yourself and your family..

  7. They all look delicious. Do link them to my event too..! Would be great..!

    1. Thanks Anzz, sure will link to your event also :)


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