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Jan 20, 2012

The Gourmet Seven - Adventurous Journey Begins Now !

      When I started Blogging, I felt that I was left alone, none to follow, appreciate or no friends. For up to 4 months i was blogging all alone and was yearning for a single word of appreciation for my work and at least a single friend to support and encourage me. Later all my wishes were granted by the Almighty. I got appreciation for my work, awards for my space and ample of friends to support and encourage me. And also i never thought that some of those unknown faces will become close to my heart. I am so excited to see friends who are similar to me in many ways and even some could relate my life to their own. Those virtual friends now became a part of my life. I use to think about them at least once in a day for one or the other reason.
     Intially I begin my recipes with all basic south Indian Sambar,Rasam,Kootu,Poriyal, snacks etc...after sometime started experimenting myself with my known and available ingredients and many times ended with some creative/innovative fruitful recipes. And now dared to try any kind of challenging recipes.Yep, ready for the food venture at extra ordinary level and one such discussion of we like minded people ended up with the birth of "The Gourmet Seven" . We Foodies are dared to try all kind of Magical Gourmet style dishes at home and challenged to make all impossibles to possible one and to present U all the real and Original taste of Five Star Menus.
So Who are those Seven Gourmets ready for the Adventure...

Anusha  of  Tomato Blues
Kalyani  of  Sizzling Taste buds
Kaveri  of  Palakkad Chamayal
Radhika   of  Tickling Palates
Vardhini   of   Zesty Palatte
Veena   of  Veg Nation
Sangeetha  -  Spicy Treats

So You can Expect all exotic dishes cooked from a popular/commonly available recipe source and we will share it on every first week of the month. Our first adventure begins On February 2012 with a chocolaty Treat. Get ready for the ride in the Foodies Trail....
Stay Tuned for more........


  1. Looking forward to follow you guys on this adventure.. Good luck..

  2. Really interesting Sangeetha..Waiting for the Venture begins :)All the Best :)

  3. in Kaveri's space too..excited to know more updates,great going!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  4. cant wait guys


  5. Good work Sangee..hope to see new delicacies from you!

  6. Very wishes

  7. Congrats Sangeetha akka! I am waiting for February and what you guys are going to come up with, and that too since it is chocolate-related. :p

  8. keep rocking sangee, all your efforts will not go vein!!! all the best!!!!

  9. Happy trails dear! look forward!

  10. A wonderful team and Best wishes to all..will wait for more updates..

  11. Very interesting dear.
    An award is waiting for u please come and receive this award.


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