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Sep 28, 2016

Tamarind Sweet Chutney Recipe(No Dates) | Imli Ki Meethi Chutney | Tamarind Chaat Chutney Recipe

Tamarind Chaat Chutney
Tamarind Sweet chutney/ Imli ki meethi chutney. I have already shared Tamarind sweet chutney with dates and this recipe is without dates. I got this recipe from my neighbor Aunt from whom i learned and shared some Punjabi Recipes, Sabzi and Kachori.

Recently, I started going for walk with her and while walking we usually talk about recipes from different cuisines especially Indian cooking. She likes to try south Indian recipes and ask me for Dosa Batter, Sambar, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice recipes and I ask for her special Punjabi recipes. And this week, I got 3 recipes and I am going to try those recipes in coming week, so keep watching for yummy and healthy Punjabi traditional recipes.
Tamarind Sweet Chutney
This tamarind sweet chutney without dates is also her recipe and she makes it so delicious and I love her chutney so much, especially with Dahi Vada and Dahi Bhalla. She makes Dahi Vada Chaat so good, will share that some time soon. This tamarind chutney can be served for any chaat, pakora, samosa, fruit chaat. My kids even love to have it with Paratha and as a spread for Sandwich.
Tamarind Sweet Chutney
Tamarind Sweet Chutney Recipe 
Prep Time : 2-4 hours | Cook Time : 20-25 minutes 
Recipe Category : Condiments/Dips | Recipe Cuisine : Indian
Makes   2 cup
  1. Tamarind    100 gm
  2. Jaggery, powdered   1 cup
  3. Chilli Powder   1//2 tsp
  4. Hing   1/4 tsp
  5. Jeera Powder/Cumin Powder   3/4 tsp
  6. Black Salt    1/2 tsp
  7. Salt   to taste
  8. Chaat Masala   1/2 tsp(optional)
First soak tamarind in enough hot water for minimum 2 hours or up to 4 hours. After that, remove seeds and extract tamarind juice, I used Preethi Juice Extractor and it takes only 2 minutes for whole thing, using the extractor you will get only thick pulp without impurities and you no need to filter it again.
Take the extracted tamarind juice in a sauce pan and bring it to boil.
Once the tamarind is boiled to slightly thick add jaggery and other ingredients and cook it till it turns to sauce like consistency and slightly thicken. Check for sweet, sour and spice taste, add more if  needed.
Once done, switch off the stove and allow the tamarind sweet chutney to cool completely.
And then store it in an air tight glass container in refrigerator for 1-2 months.
My Aunt suggested that you can also add sugar instead of jaggery to the above recipe. I am going to try it with sugar sometime.
You can also, add 1/4 cup of soaked and mashed raisins  to the above recipe, as I forgot to soak the raisins I made it without raisins.
Instead of black salt you can also add regular salt alone.
Tamarind Sweet Chutney


  1. Delicious sweet chutney recipe, without dates it looks so good Sangee. Nothing like getting authentic home recipes such as this. Thanks to you and your sweet neighbor aunty.

  2. Great recipe for tamarind chutney without dates, Sangee! Looks amazing dear!


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