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Jun 20, 2016

Indo-Chinese Veg Fried Rice Recipe | Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe | Restaurant Style Veg Fried Rice(Indo-Chinese Style)

Veg Fried Rice Recipe
Amma/Mom, the word itself gives so much happiness, energy and hope to life. No one and nothing can compensate a Mom and her unconditional love and care. I lost my MOM on May 20th 2016 due to sudden cardiac arrest at the age of just 50. I never thought that I will not meet her forever.
It is one month now but I am in that same state of shock, pain, fear and loss. I have no good reason to console myself and stay strong. She is not that much old or not sick person. On May 19th night 9.45 pm India Time, I spoke to her and she was normal happy and excited because of her daughter( My sis) and grand daughter's arrival. It was only a 13 minutes conversation, usually our call will not end before 2 hours but that day I wasn't feeling well  with severe dizziness and headache that i couldn't lift my head. So she felt sad for me and told me to take rest and said, that she will call me in the morning to check how I am doing.

Indo-Chinese Fried Rice
Didn't expect that was the last words she spoke to me, those words still ringing in my words and I am asking myself why She didn't call me. I don't why I am not lucky and fortunate to have my mother with me for few more years. Later, 20th Early morning around 3.30(India Time) My sis called me and said that Mommy had breathing problem and I called Ambulance, but within few minutes she fell down unconscious. Initially I thought may be due to Low or High BP she may fainted and told her not to panic. After 15-20 minutes Ambulance reached home and my sister got some hope Ok mommy will be alright we can take her to hospital and treat her and she told me, Akka ambulance came I will call you after reaching hospital. But we didn't know tat Mommy already left us, the Ambulance Attendant checked Mom and said that she Passed Away. 

Here, I waited impatiently and hoped everything will be fine. But my hope didn't last for even 5 minutes, My sister called me again and said Mommy Ila akka(Mom is no more). Terribly shocked and I couldn't believe what she told me, I kept asking her How this could be possible, She told me that she will call me, I promised her that We will visit as soon as we get our visa extension approved and from next year we will definitely be there for every summer holidays. And she was also Ok and was satisfied and happy with skype video chats. All she wanted was me and my sis to call her daily, and that was her hope for life. Even this thousand and thousand miles apart didn't hurt her as we used to talk/video chat daily for hours together. But unfortunately, our dreams, hope and wishes were all broken into pieces within few minutes.

The past 30 days were really toughest and painful days in my life, I couldn't accept the truth, only the days are passing. My dad and some of my besties suggested me to start writing my blog Or do something creatively to cherish my mom's memories. Some days I am ok but most of the time, the absence of my mom makes me so weak and gives so much pain and stress. I know she herself will not be happy or she herself will suffer, me seeing like this. But I couldn't control myself. On Saturday, we did prayer for her 30th day rituals and I cooked some of her favorite dishes and One of her most favorite is this Indo-Chinese Veg Fried Rice. She loves Veg Fried Rice a lot, I don't know whats special in this simple stir fried rice but she loves it a lot and whenever we cross a Fast Food Shop, She never failed to buy fried rice for her and Gobi Manchurian For me and my sister.
After the pooja, I just clicked few pictures to share here.

My Mom was so much eager to see my 1000th post(879th post now), She was always proud of my blog, cooking, photography etc., There's not even a single day passed without my mom's appreciation for one or the other things. I can keep writing about her love and sacrifices she had done for us but will stop here and continue in my coming posts.

Now Coming to the recipe, Indo-Chinese Veg Fried is a quick and simple rice recipe that can be prepared in no time if you have some cooked rice in hand. For this Indo-chinese style fried rice, You need to use Basmati Rice for extra flavor and taste. I have already shared the recipe for Chinese Restaurant Style Chinese Veg Fried Rice with lots and lots of veggies and bean sprouts. But this Indo-Chinese Version, is simple and uses less vegetables and sauce. Here you go,
Indo-Chinese Veg Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe
Prep Time : 10 minutes  | Cook Time :10 minutes
Recipe Category : Main Course | Recipe Cuisine: Indo-Chinese
Serves 2-3

  1. Cooked Basmati Rice   1 and 1/2 cup
  2. Onion  1 small(Thinly sliced)
  3. Garlic  2 cloves(finely chopped)
  4. Spring Onion, White part   3 tbsp(finely chopped)
  5. Cabbage    1/4 cup(thinly sliced)
  6. Carrot  1 medium(julienne)
  7. Capsicum  1/4 cup(thinly sliced)
  8. Pepper Powder   1/2 tbsp or to taste
  9. Soy Sauce   1/2-1 tsp
  10. Green Chilli Sauce   1-1 1/2 tsp
  11. Sugar  a pinch
  12. Salt   to taste
  13. Sesame Oil    1 tbsp
  14. Spring onion, green   finely chopped for garnishing

  • First cook rice and spread the cooked rice in a rice plate and allow to cool completely.
  • Chop vegetables and keep everything ready.
  • Now heat oil in a wok, when it is hot add finely chopped garlic and fry well.
  • Then add spring onion white and sliced onion and saute for a minute or less.
  • After that add carrot, capsicum and stir fry for a minute and then add cabbage and stir fry for few seconds.
  • Then immediately add some salt, sugar and half of the pepper powder and stir fry well.
  • Now add rice, soy sauce, chilli sauce, enough salt and stir fry for 2 minutes and lastly add some more pepper powder and some finely chopped spring onion green and stir well and switch off the stove.
  • That's it. Flavorful Veg Fried Rice Ready. Serve Hot with some finely chopped spring onions on top along with Gobi Manchurian or With Broccoli In Hot Garlic Sauce.

While Sauteing vegetables and rice, keep the heat in medium high.
The vegetables needs to be crunchy so don;t saute for long time.
I like to add sauces over the rice, so that the vegetables remain fresh and in original color. But you can also add the sauces to the vegetables, stir fry and then add rice, enough salt and stir fry well.
I used Ching's Soy Sauce and Green Chilli Sauce.
Vegetable Fried Rice


  1. yummy fried rice... looks delicious and inviting clicks..

  2. No words to say Sangee. My deepest condolence to you and family. She will always be with you and definitely feel happy when you post your 1000th post.

  3. My condolence Sangeetha.. Pl be brave.. She will always be with you... Take care dear..

  4. Sangeetha, so sorry to hear, as you said nothing or no one can replace a mom's place, take care dear, it'll take sometime for you to get over this, but spend more time with your lovely sons, that'll help you a lot..

  5. As soon as I saw the post on my feed, I thought I had missed your posts but reading through this post... made me so sad... age is not a barrier for death... may she rest in peace and please do things that will make her happy... I sincerely hope that you will continue your good work and pray for her... Take care... Hope your health is better now...

  6. May your mom rest in peace. As read your post had tears in my eyes take care


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