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Mar 21, 2015

Homemade Tomato Puree | How To Make Tomato Puree At Home | Homemade Tomato Puree Easy Method(Pressure Cooker Method)

How To Make Tomato Puree
Homemade Tomato Puree, Easy Pressure cooker method with step by step photos. Tomato Puree(sauce) is one of the basic and important ingredient for making any sauce-pizza sauce/pasta sauce, North Indian gravy like Malai Kofta Curry, Paneer Kolhapuri, Paneer Buterr Masala, sabzis, soups and many more recipes. Initially I was using canned Tomato puree more than the fresh tomatoes and then reduced the canned stuffs due to its preservatives and added artificial flavors.
If you have tomato puree in hand, you can make any Indian curry in no time. As the tomatoes are pre cooked and thick tomato puree/sauce tend to cook faster and can make any gravy and sabzis quickly. I saw this pre cooked Tomato Puree recipe in youtube and have tried it couple of times for my gravy/curry recipes. I felt this pressure cooker/pre cooked method is more easy and best than the usual way of making tomato puree by blanching the tomatoes then cooling in ice cold water and blending. Based on the tomato variety the color and texture of tomato puree varies. Here, I used vine tomatoes you can use roma tomatoes or campari tomatoes or any desired variety.

How To Make Tomato Puree At home
Homemade Tomato Puree Recipe
Prep Time : 5 minutes | Cook Time : 20 minutes
Recipe Category : Kitchen Basics
Makes  2 cups
  1. Fresh Ripe Tomatoes  1.2 lb / 500 gm
  • Wash tomatoes in running water, drain well and cut each tomato into 2 halves.
Homemade Tomato Puree
  • Now take the cut tomatoes in a small bowl that fits into your pressure cooker,add 1/2 cup of water in the pressure cooker and place the tomato filled bowl over it and close the cooker lid and pressure cook for 1-2 whistles.
  • OR you can directly add the cut tomatoes in pressure cooker and cook for 1-2 whistles.
  • Wait till pressure cools down and then open the lid and you will see that the skin of the tomatoes have separated from the pulp and there is a lot of water released as well.
  • Drain the water using a strainer (you can reuse the water in soup or rasam or sambar). 
  • Once the tomatoes cool, peel the skin and discard the skin.
  • Now You can puree the pulp with or without seed.
Homemade Tomato Puree
  • Then using a mesh strainer filter the ground tomato pulp and the tomato puree is ready. 
  • That's it...Store the Homemade Pre cooked tomato puree in an air tight glass or stainless container. This stays fresh in refrigerator for up to a week.
  • You can also store it in ice tray and after freezing remove the ice cubes purees and store it in an freezer zip locks.
I blended the tomato pulp along with seeds and later strained but you can very wel discard the seeds and blend only the pulp.
You can also make tomato paste by cooking the ground tomato puree until the moisture drains up completely.
For a deep and bring red colour you can also use a small piece of cut beet root along with with tomatoes and pressure cook. Then remove the beetroot chunk and use it in soup or sambar or curry. Blend only the peeled tomato pulp.

How To Make Tomato Puree


  1. Good to know the basics always...

  2. Using the beet is a grand idea. But do you alos puree the beet with the toms or do you discard it?


    1. Yes.,remove the beet and blend only the peeled tomato pulp.

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