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Sep 6, 2013

Ragi Kozhukattai / Ragi Inippu Pidi Kozhukattai

A small break from my Chaat Recipes and gonna share Ganesh Chaturthi Special recipes for next three days. As the blogosphere(mostly Indian Blogs) is flooding with different varieties of Modak/Kozhukattai, Sundal & other related recipes. I too wanted to share some recipes for the festive occasion and at the same time wanted to make some healthy & low calorie recipes.

Here's coming the Ragi Kozhukattai /Ragi Inippu Pidi Kozhukattai recipe. I thought that am thinking different and lil' innovative but that's not true and as usual it was already created by few bloggers early 2-3 yrs back and as usual this was tried by Priya and posted in PVR - Priya's Versatile Recipes 5 years back. It often happen to me and it will be already tried n posted in her versatile blog. So without much struggling I simply referred her recipe and made this yummy n healthy Kozhukattai :)
I was happy with the result and my family loved it too. Now coming to pics, the toughest part comes here- to present it with a festive mood to share it on the blog. But I don't have any Ganesha photo frame or small idols or anything related to this festive season. I was bit worried about it, then Manjula gave me a quick idea to draw a pic of Ganesha and use it for my pics. And also she shared me this picture/image link and after a way long time I did drawing and my Ganesha turned out good rt?! My hand was shaky n couldn't have the holding control since I did not did any writing or drawing for more years. Even my hand writing changed lot...anyway thanks Manju dear for this easy Ganesha drawing and for the idea too :) Now off to the recipe...
  1. Ragi Flour 1cup
  2. Jaggery 1/2 cup
  3. Moong dal 2tsp
  4. Shredded coconut 1/4cup
  5. Cardamom powder 1/4tsp
  6. Oil 2tsp
  7. Salt a pinch

Heat a pan and dry roast Ragi flour for 2-3 minutes in low heat and then turn off the stove and keep aside.
Then dry roast moong dal and keep aside.
After that in a pan add 1/4 cup water, oil n pinch of salt and add jaggery heat it, stir well until it dissolve completely.
And then filter it using tea filter and bring back to the pan and allow to boil and thicken lightly.
At this stage add Ragi flour keep stirring and when Ragi mixed up well and roll up add cardamom powder, roasted moongdal , shredded coconut and mix well and cook for a minute.
After that transfer to a bowl and when it's still warm, take a small ball from the dough n press in ur fingers.. or shape it as modhagam and keep it in a greased idli plate.
Mean while add 2 cups of water in a idli vessel and bring to boil once it start boiling keep the idli plates and cook the shaped Ragi kozhukattais for 10-12 minutes.
That's it..Once done switch off the stove and leave it for few minutes, then its ready for neivedyam or Serve warm.


  1. love it. Have eaten at a friends place before. Bookmarking it!Love the cute ganesha!

    1. Thank You so much Madhavi, glad you liked my Ganesha Drawing :)

  2. loving this delicious and super cute kozhukattai's :) you are really a multi talented person how well you have sketched lord ganesha this one thing makes the dish and this post so unique that you have made use of your own talent as prop :) loving it !! the sketch is more realistic than the original one no doubt about it and this healthy kozhukatai is prefect for this festive season :) kalakitel !!!

  3. Ganesha pic looks excellent. Kozhukattai looks delicious.

  4. very creative sangeetha....I like your drawing and cooking skills....lucky champs at home:)

  5. Lovely drawing. Never tried ragi kozhukattai. A healthy dumpling for ganesh :)

  6. My Ganesh chaturthi wishes to u & ur family :)

  7. wishes to you as well on the occasion. pidi i love it.

  8. Lovely presentation and your drawing rocks Sangee, wat a brilliant idea,now i think we wont run behind the idols, coz drawing by urself sounds so satisfying na.. Thanks Sangee, for ur kinds words, love that plate of healthy dumplings.

  9. They look so inviting! I love the earthy colour.
    What is ragi?

    1. Ragi is a grain and its also called as "Finger Millet" "Ragi Mudde" in English. Its available in both grain n flour form. You can find it in any Indian or Asian Grocery Store!

  10. wow super inviting kozhukattai aks... really love the cute pillayar... love the low calorie healthy version of kozhukattai...

  11. love tis dumpling.. love the bful pic..

  12. bookmarked is the word here!!! love your pictures and they look so appealing!!


  13. cute vinayakar ragi kozhukattai....perfect pa

  14. Wish you and your family a very happy vingayagar chathurthi wishes....
    Very very heatlhy and delicious looking inipu pidi kozhukattai... love it dear....

  15. Healthy dumpling.. And the drwg is very good

  16. One yum kozhukattai love your handwriting and drawing too :) wow


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