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Aug 22, 2011

Semolina chocolate Pudding / Chocolate Kesari

           Hearty Janmashtami wishes to you all.Today's post will be bit longer n i m sorry for this n thanking u all for reading this ......I want to share some happiest moment in my life on this festive n happy occasion.2007 Janmashtami/Sri Krishna Jayanthi was so special for us.It came on Tuesday, September 4.

Before marriage i was a PCOS patient ie i was having poly cystic ovaries -both my ovaries were in cystic condition n i was taking treatment for about 1.5 years.and my Doctors were told that pregnancy is more diffiuclt in my case n i need more treatments n if necessary surgery is also recommended.This was my condition before marriage n I told this to my "H" before our marriage itself...
           Soon after my marriage we came here, n on 3 rd (month after marriage)  i got  missed periods n i was shocked that again i got the problem n thought i never become a mom in my life n i was crying for the whole day. Next day my H brought pregnancy test kit n i done a home test which was negative.Again we went to to near by open clinic n there also they did urine test with the kit n said it was Negative n I told the Dr. about my problem(poly cystic ovary) n she referred a gynecologist ..And also she said that pregnancy qualitative test was negative but will go for quantitative test n took my blood sample.Then next day was Sunday n Monday was labor day n she told me call on Tuesday(sep,4) till Monday i was so disturbed ,tensed n over excited..i didn't sleep ,eat n was fully thinking about the result.On Tuesday i was so eager to call the doctor's office ...morning itself i finished my prayer n prayed god that at least for next Janmshtami i should get pregnant n i want kutty krishnar at my home ASAP. They told to call us by 2 pm. n i called the nurse told me that my blood report was Positive n told to get the report by evening.....hoooo...i was speechless n i got tears on my eyes...All my Prayers were answered... n called my hubby to convey this happiest message.Yep,that Lord Balakrishnar came to our home ,that was my boy - Sanjay. Not only one Krishnar came home - 2 kutty krishnar(sanjay & Akshay) came in to my life, always keeping me busy,roaming here n there @ home ,doing lots of mischief. Today also they are the  first to taste the Prasadham :)
              Now coming to this recipe,Semolina chocolate pudding i tried this after seeing Ramya's Cracked wheat n milk chocolate pudding. I loved it n i want to try but i don't have cracked wheat in hand ,then with further reference from the net i made this semolina chocolate pudding.this is so quick n really a kids delight. My kids enjoyed this chocolateee dessert to the core. Now off to the recipe.

  1. Semolina    1/4 cup + 2 tbsp 
  2. Milk     1 and 1/2 cup
  3. Sugar   1/4 cup or less
  4. Cocoa powder    1 and 1/2  tbsp
  5. Cardamom powder   a pinch or u can replace with cinnamon powder
  6. Nuts  for garnishing 
  • Mix cocoa powder with 2 tbsp warm water n keep aside.
  • Dry Roast Semolina/sooji in pan for 1-2 minutes or till aroma comes.
  • Bring milk to boil ,when it starts boiling add semolina slowly and mix without dumplings.
  • When it gets pudding consistency ,add sugar n mix well and stir till sugar dissolves.
  • Then add the cocoa mixture and mix well.Cook till the pudding starts leaving the pan.
  • Lastly add the crushed cardamom and mix well n  turn off the stove. If u want can add vanilla now.
  • That's it delicious semolina chocolate pudding is ready. Serve warm or chilled.
  • It tastes best when chilled!

Instead of cocoa powder you can also add melted milk white/dark chocolates.
You can also add half tsp vaniila extract to the pudding.

Linking this sweet pudding recipe to the event,Iftar nights @ Jabeen's Corner.


  1. I became too emotional Sangee to read your post. Happy for you dear. Btw the pudding looks delish.


  2. even i felt emotional like vardhini..when I read through ur post, sangee god is there....hope ur fine now...your kids are amazing!!!!!
    this pudding looks cool!!!!

  3. Felt very emotional while reading .... Pudding looks delicious ...

  4. Hey dear....happy for you that your dark days passed away with tons of happiness in ur arms...Enjoy the days with your wonderful kids...Yummy recipe dear..

  5. I can truly understand Sangeetha. I was so dependent on steroids for my wheezing problems I never thought I had a chance of becoming a mother but I guess it is God's grace that now I am proudly a mother of 2 boys who are exceptionally clever that I feel so happy upon seeing their achievements. God bless Ur family on this happy occasion.

  6. Sangee very heart felt n emotional post to begin with..n this is wonderful n so simple but yummy pudding..grt..

  7. Lovely post and yummy kesari...the chocolate flavour sounds so interesting

  8. Wow lovely and emotional story, Sangee i dunno even i had the same problems and sentiments for my first pregnancy but its wasnt kutty krishnar for me, anyhow my kutty Radhai became a young lady today..Pudding looks extremely divine and irresistible.

  9. this proves miracle does happen and never ever in our life we should leave hope.....very touchy story yet with a happy ending :)
    nice recipe

  10. Hey Darling :) A big Hug to You :) Kids are such a blessing.. and Thank God everything went well and you have two adorable boys today.. :) We cannot thank God enough for this precious Gift he is given.. and you are such a loving and a wonderful mommy.. :) and this chocolate pudding is the best way to celebrate happiness :))

  11. God is really Great isn't it Sangee!...may your life be filled with happiness and joy...pudding looks easy to make and very yum...

  12. It is just amazing what faith can do to a person:) May god bless your entire family especially both your "Kutti Krishnars"... Very touching experience Sangee and it does give hope to anyone who is reading this post that just believe in the supreme power and good things will happen to you:) Lovely..

  13. Hai. today only i happenned to see your blog by blog hoping. really nice recipes with clear presentation. bookmarked some of the recipes. congrats for the great work. especially i like the step by step pictures. god bless you.

  14. This was just amazing… loved reading it...pudding looks great!

  15. You really have the blessings of Lord Krishna and I wa touched by your post. This pudding is so easy and will definitely give a try.

  16. Was so moved reading ur post dear..Glad that ur prayers were answered..Hugs & kisses to u n kutty krishna...:) The pudding looks too yummy!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  17. I make semolina pudding often but never thought of adding chocolate so I end up eating it myself because my daughter doesn't like it. She will love this one though, because she'll anything that has chocolate in it!

  18. Was so much moved by ur story dear... Happy that ur prayers were answered. I am in the same state as u... Hope my prayers get answered too...
    Pudding looks so yum and inviting

  19. wow, Sangee that is such a touching story, thanks for sharing. Life is full of miracles and glad you got your boys.

    That pudding looks great and I would love to give it a try :)

  20. Fantastic innovation. lovely pudding. A must try for me since I am mad about chocolates :)

  21. Thank you so much for all your wishes n heart felt feelings..some of you have shared your own moments also...
    @ Vimitha sure dear all your prayers will also be answered soon..don't worry n keep faith on god...

  22. Hey Sangeetha...That was so emotional...I have a kid and I know how important they are to us... I am happy that god answered your prayers..Pudding looks so nice...

  23. very touching true life story sangee, God is great and he never let those down who have strong faith in him..rt...pudding looks delicious..

  24. I am so glad for u..motherhood is such a blessing ,that we women should be proud of..n patience is the second thing we ought to have with our litle krishnas..n wonder u made such an awsum dessert to celebrate..hugs for the boys:)

  25. Sangeetha: I was literally late in linking this. Sorry dear but I have asked Radhika to kindly add it.

  26. Beautiful chocolate pudding, totally loved this one dear... it was so quick, easy and delicious... got vanished in no time :) thank you so much for a lovely dessert, now my current favorite...

  27. Very overwhelming and touching story Sangeetha... God bless you and your lovely family always... Pudding looks soo yummy and tasty.. Will definitely try this.. Hugsxx

  28. felt emotional n my eyes full of tears while typing this dear, me too hv some similar story da...

  29. Very emotional story. I can feel ur anxiety n happiness when u got the news and that too dis day. Very lucky.btw me too felt same as I got one miscarriage then after a very long wait we r blessed with a cute baby girl of 1 year.

    cmng to recipe dats very delicious pudding.


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