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Jun 4, 2014

Mango Vermicelli Kheer / Mango Kheer - Easy Mango Dessert Recipe !

Hi, Friends & Readers, Hope you are doing great and everything is fine from my end too. Because of our shifting and other things i took a break and Finally we shifted and settled in Aurora. Though it;s a Interstate move, one or the other things kept me busy. I really missed by little space and my dear blogger friends a lot. And, now I am happy and excited to be back. But somehow, I lost the Enthu and it gonna take some time for me. At the same time, don't want to extend the break time, so will keep posting whenever time and mind permits ;)
Today's post is a simple and easy to make sweet, Mango Vermicelli Kheer. As its summer and also Mango season, definitely a very apt and delicious dessert to enjoy on this hot sunny days. This is nothing but a simple Vermicelli Kheer with the addition of Mango pulp. I have already posted the recipe for Mango Rice Kheer. Both Mango Kheer are delicious and a must try to the enjoy the Mango season. Now off to the recipe.,

Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Serves   6
  1. Vermicelli      4 tbsp
  2. Milk    4 cups (I used 2% milk)
  3. Sugar    1/2 cup
  4. Mango Pulp    1 cup (i used fresh mango pulp)
  5. Ghee   1 tsp
  6. Cashew nuts    3 tbsp
  7. Blanched & Chopped Almonds     3 tbsp
  8. Raisins    2 tbsp(soaked in warm water)
  9. Cardamom      3
  10. Saffron     2 or 3 strands

  • Heat 1 tsp ghee in a pan, roast cashew nuts till golden brown and transfer to a plate.
  • Then to the same pan, add vermicelli and roast till light golden brown and keep aside.
  • And then take milk in a sauce pan, bring it boil and once it starts boiling add roasted vermicelli and cook for 3 minutes.
  • After that add sugar, stir well and cook the kheer in medium heat for 5 minutes.
  • At this stage, the kheer thickens slightly and then add crushed cardamom and saffron strands, stir well.
  • Then add chopped almonds and soaked and drained raisins.
  • Lastly add roasted cashew nuts and stir well.
  • That's it vermicelli kheer ready, switch off the flame and keep aside.
  • When the kheer has cooled completely add the mango pulp and mix gently.
  • Refrigerate until serving. It tastes great when served chilled kheer.

Soaking raisins in warm water, gives nice crunch and taste to the kheer than the ghee roasted raisins.
You can also skip sugar and use 1/4 -1/2 cup condensed milk to the kheer for even more creamy and delicious kheer.
I used fresh fruit pulp, you can also use canned mango pulp.
Adding saffron is optional.


  1. Super post sangee.Welcome back dear :)Just today i was thinking y u are u not posting n today u did it :)

  2. Hi Sangee, Hope you have settled in peacefully. Any dessert with mango will be awesome. Looks fab.

  3. Glad to c u back,Sangee..hope u have settled at ur new place:)
    Loved the addition of mango pulp,looks bright n yummy kheer !!!

  4. welcome back dear...i love the taste...yummy yummy

  5. Looks so the color

  6. This looks delicious! You wont believe I have exactly same type and colour bowls and used to post phirni on my blog :)

  7. Sounds delicious! Yummy dessert with mango :)

  8. Good to see you back Sanggetha! Lovely mango kheer!

  9. Happy to see u back Sangee that too with a delectable kheer, wat a sweet start to kick start blogging..Keep blogging, we missed u terribly..

  10. welcome back sangee:) hope you ae settled in the new hom
    khees looks very yum and mango addition is superb

  11. Welcome back Sangeetha :) Yumm treat using mangoes,

  12. This looks so delicious and yummy!

  13. I have tried this combination before and really loved it... u r tempting me to try it again...

  14. Welcome back to blogging, Sangee!! We missed you and your yummy recipes too.. Mango payasam looks so delicious and perfect for the season... :)

  15. Delicious mango treat Sangee :) welcome back to blogging missed all your delicious treats.

  16. Yes, I missed you all these days! Your posts were like a good morning wish. It was missing for too long.
    Hope your move was happy and the new place full of Bhagawan's energy,...

    1. Thank You so much Meera for your wishes. I too really missed reading such boosting comments from you people, glad to be back :)

  17. perfect for this summer..i often make this with kheer and mango...without vermiceli

  18. Grt innovation sangeetha:)

  19. That looks and sounds amazing - Thank you! Glad your'e back!

  20. Thanks Everyone for your support, your few words means a lot me, more encouraging. Thanks a lot!

  21. The kheer looks so delicious Sangee, so you have moved, that's the reason for your absence, missed you here..

  22. Kheer looks very inviting, good to see u back Sangee!


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