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Jun 18, 2013

Spiced Curd Ildy / Thayir Idli

Have You ever tried Idly with curd? I know Most of ur's answer will be "No" but this is one of my most fav lunch box recipe. yup.,i used to take podi idlis dunked in yogurt/curd for my lunch. But except me none like this combo at home or at school, my freiends never touched my box and sometimes don't even turn my side. All used to tease me, how you able to eat such combo? None of my friends touched my lunch box if it has idli & Curd, and used to treat me like a typical creature, even V won't sit near me if i have this curd idly on my plate. But i love Yogurt/Curd in any form n would like to have plain yogurt/curd with Idly, Dosa, Rotis, Upma, fruits and include it daily in my diet . And this curd idly & Curd Vada / Thayir Vada (south Indian style) is my most fav dishes. And this is a healthy & low calorie alternative for deep fried Thayir Vadai. Spiced curd idli is nothing but a podi idli dunked in plain yogurt/curd. Generally i do not add tempering to the curd but for the pics this time added tempering and it added extra taste and flavor to my favorite dish. Now am eager to know h many of u like this curd n idly combo :)

  1. Idli     4 no.s
  2. Fresh curd / Yogurt      3/4 cup (beaten smoothly with 2-3 tbsp water)
  3. Idli Podi     3 tbsp or to taste
  4. Kara Boondhi     for garnishing(optional)
  5. Cilantro           few finely chopped for garnishing(optional)
To tempering
  1. Oil     1/2 tsp
  2. Mustard seeds    1/4 tsp
  3. Urad dal     1/4 tsp
  4. Curry leaves    few
  5. Hing   a small pinch
  • In a small bowl add beaten yogurt and salt mix well and keep aside.
  • Heat oil in a tempering pan, then add mustard seeds allow to splutter then add urad dal and fry till golden brown and add curry leaves and hing fry and add this tempering to the beaten yogurt/curd.
  • Now mix podi with idly and to the podi idly add the tempered curd and on top sprinkle more idli milagai  podi and if u want add some finely chopped cilantro and some boondis.
  • That's it...spiced curd idli ready. 

You can also use chilled yogurt.
This is perfect for kids lunch box, plain podi idli will turn bit dry for lunch so u can try adding some yogurt/curd over it to keep idli soft, fresh and tasty.
Add more or less podi to ur taste.
Don't add curd to the hot hot idli, allow the idlis to cool after steaming then add podi and yogurt.


  1. Hi, was looking for this recipe, the picture looks so cooling and soothing !Cheers!

  2. Too good and mouth watering presentation. Would love to have it anytime of the day.

  3. thats very diffrent way of having idli's with curd :) Looks delicious will try this :)

  4. who said no? my favorite :) i do the same method for Dosai which is in draft for long :) now u reminded me to post my version in Dosai ! Thanks !

    1. Ohhh..really! its my most fav :) looking for ur curd dosa, love it with dosa too :)

  5. Never tried n imagine this combo sangee,but now after seeing ur pics want to taste it now...

  6. Super Idea Sangee.. totally love it

  7. No worries.. Count me in, I just love it.. Awesome clicks.. Seeing them, I am craving for some now :)

  8. wow healthy version n innovative dear :-)

  9. Interesting Combination.. Looks delicious and inviting..

  10. yus yus ... u remind me of an old fav... thayir and malaghapodi... aah!

  11. I do it with mor kulambu.. This version looks yummy too

  12. never tried this ! excellent recipe !

  13. Nice idea, looks very delicious.

  14. Omg, Sangee trust me i never knew this combo until u asked me the other day, ur clicks make me drool and would love to give a try atleast once.

  15. very interesting combination sangee...simply love this...

  16. best way to use left over idli dear.. planning to try this..

  17. Wow this is too good... I too wonder if people can eat thayir Vadai y not thayir idli... Any how I just love ur combo

  18. Very unique combo... Havent tried dunking idlis in curd.. Nice clicks as always :)

  19. wow..nice combo..My hubby n kids loves this combination..

  20. Sure a better option to the deep fried vada version..looks yum

  21. Idli with curd super idea & a nice combo.looks very inviting,rich.


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