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Apr 17, 2013

Bread Veggie Balls / Bread Vegetable Rolls / Bread Croquettes ~ Easy Bread snack recipes!

Recently noticed that I did not post any snack recipe in my blog for long time, so i wanted to share some easy n quick snack. So started squeezing my brain to make something interesting, filling n quick snack which is loved by both kids and adults. Then went on a hunt in my kitchen and noticed that my bread has to be used within a day, so decided to make a snack using the bread slices and thus this bread veggie balls born :)
I combined the bread slices with few chopped vegetables n spinach, made a dough and deep fried them, to my surprise it turned out so good. This is a very filling and yummy snack loved by all ages. I wanted to stuff the snack with more vegetables so added which ever found inmy friedge, so each one added their flavor and taste :) Rice flour has done its work very well, the bread balls were so crispy and yummy even after cooling it tasted so good but crispness was best when its hot. So try to serve it hot with some spicy chutneys/sauces. I served it with green chutney n ketchup, Both my kids n H loved it. Try this yummy snack and impress your family and guests!!

  1. Bread Slices    8 no.
  2. Potato       2 large or 1 cup mashed potato(boiled & mashed)
  3. Cabbage    1/4 cup (finely chopped)
  4. Spinach      1/4 cup (finely chopped)
  5. Carrot        2-3 tbsp (shredded)
  6. Capsicum   2-3 tbsp(finely chopped)
  7. Peas       1/4 cup or less (boiled & mashed)
  8. Onion     1 small (finely chopped)
  9. Ginger      1 tsp (finely chopped)
  10. Rice Flour      2 -3 tsp
  11. Red chilli powder    1/2 tsp
  12. Cumin powder      1/2 tsp
  13. Salt     to taste
  14. Oil    to deep fry or shallow fry

  • Wash n boil potatoes n green peas together with enough water till soft and cooked, once done drain water, peel skin and mash it completely and keep aside.
  • Wash and shred/chop vegetables and keep ready.
  • Trim the bread slice edges and put ina bowl sprinkle 1-2 tbsp water and mash it well don't add more water.
  • To the same bowl add mashed potato, shredded carrots, finely chopped ginger, cabbage, capsicum, spinach, onion then rice flour, chili powder, cumin powder enough salt and mix everything to a tight dough.
  • And divide them into 15-17 balls and shape them to balls or cylinders or to desired shapes.
  • Now heat oil in a kadai to deep fry, once the oil gets really hot gently drop balls one by one keep rotating the balls now n then (like u do for gulab jamuns) to ensure even cooking..after adding balls reduce ur heat to medium. once the balls turn golden brown and crisp on all side remove from oil and drain it in paper towel.
  • Befor adding next batch again turn heat to medium high wait for 1-2 minutes then repeat the same process with remaining balls.
  • Once done serve the hot & yummy bread veggie balls with green chutney and ketchup.

With the same recipe, along with bread n potato u can also use grated paneer/tofu.
i used wheat bread u can use any deisred bread. do not add water more than the mentioned quantity then ur bread balls will drink more oil.
Make sure that before adding balls ur oil is hot enough, then reduce the heat to medium and fry till done. After that again change it to high and allow to oil to get hot and fry next batch.
I also fried the balls in paniyaram pan for a good n low calorie snack, that also tasted good equaly but requires more time. cook covered and in medium heat.
If u don't have spinach then omit and add finely chopped cilantro. Add more or less vegetables to your choice or u can make it as plain bread balls with potato n rice flour, spices alone.
For addition flavor, u can also add 1/4 tsp garam masala powder.


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