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Sep 27, 2014

Cherry Tomato Lettuce Salad / Cherry Tomato Salad With Simple Vinaigrette Dressing !

Cherry Tomato Lettuce Salad
Salad is a simple dish that contains fresh vegetable, fruits or with cooked meat/chicken, even eggs. We love salads with fresh veggies and fruits than the meat salad.The most favorite part of any salad is its dressing or salad sauce. It may be a simple vinaigrette or creamy ranch. I mostly prefer tangy and sweet kind of salad dressing where as my kids prefer the creamy sauce dressing with ranch, honey mustard, sour cream or yogurt.
This Cherry tomato Lettuce salad is a refreshing and simple salad with basic vinaigrette dressing with honey touch. This can be either served as an appetizer salad or as a dessert salad after a meal.
I got some fresh cherry tomato from my friend Gaury's Garden. These tomatoes were literally sweet and perfect for this salad. Use cherry tomato or grape tomato or pear tomato for this salad.

Cherry Tomato Salad
Preparation Time : 10 minutes or less
Cooking Time : none
Serves  3

    Cherry Tomato Lettuce Salad
  1. Cherry Tomato  1 cup, halved
  2. Iceburg Lettuce or romaine lettuce   2-3 cups (torned)
  3. Boiled Sweet corn   1/2 cup
  4. Raisins    2 tbsp or as needed
  5. Cucumber   1 no.diced or sliced 
For Dressing
  1. Extra Virgin Olive oil   3 tbsp
  2. Honey    1.5 tbsp
  3. White Vinegar  2 tbsp
  4. Salt  to taste
  5. Fresh Ground Pepper   to taste
  • First in a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, vinegar, honey for few seconds and cover the bowl and refrigerate till use.
  • Then chop tomato and lettuce to desired size.
  • In another bowl, add lettuce, cherry tomato, boiled sweet corn, raisins, salt and pepper toss well.
  • Just before serving drizzle the salad generously with the dressing and serve immediately.
Cherry Tomato Lettuce Salad

You can refrigerate the dressing for up to 4 to 5 days.
If you don't like sweet touch then skip honey and raisins too.
You can also add some roasted nuts to the salad. Add the dressing just before serving, i mostly add whole cherry tomato and do not halve it.


  1. Such a refreshing salad... awesome pics...

  2. wow salad.. one of my weaknesses :) very nice work gal

  3. A very healthy and a colourful salad. I too prefer a simple vinaigrette dressing for my salad.

  4. healthy and colorful salad...lovely clicks

  5. Very colourful and my kind of salad.. Love to finish that plate..


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