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Oct 26, 2012

Jangri / Mini Jangri

         I am a big fan of these Jangris. particularly the mini jangris from Lakshmi sweets. If you are from Salem, then definitely you will be knowing the famous Sweet shop Lakshmi sweets. They use to prepare fresh mini Jangris daily during evening time. I will eat upto 7-8 mini jangris at a time but not now before 7 years. Now for blog sake n for my kids i tried this Mini Jangri. Yes, this is my first attempt and was really successful.
Called my mom n talked about half an hour about the recipe, grinding method, frying and so on. But yet i need some more clarification so googled out  and referred Raks Kitchen and Vah chef's recipes. Then proceeded daringly. Learned many things from my experience i was better from one batch to other. I made around 50 Mini Jangris. These mini ones are easy to make and tension free .Do not bother about the shape n design rather enjoy this delicious sweet. As this is my first time i am not able to take perfect step wise pictures but sure will update it later.
       I am dedicating this Mini Jangri to my friend "Balaaji" who was recently married. We were friends from LKG and till date. But unfortunately I am not able to attend his marriage and vice versa. So this for you n Saranya Balaaji. Once again my hearty wishes for your happy married life.
Ok now lets move on to the recipe,

  1. Urad dal    1 cup ( or 1 measurement)
  2. Rice    2 tsp( i used sona masoori)
  3. or
  4. Rice flour   2-3 tsp
  5. Orange or any food color    a generous pinch
  6. Salt   a pinch
For sugar syrup
  1. Sugar    1 cup
  2. Water   2 cups
  3. Lemon juice   few drops
  • Saok urad dal and rice for about 1- 2 hours.
  • First make sugar syrup and get ready like you do for Gulab Jamuns.
  • Add sugar n water to a nonstick vessel and bring to boil, just  a half string sugar syrup is best for Jangris. Check the sugar syrup using thumb n forefinger.
  • Once it attain the half string consistency then add few drops of lemon juice and turn off the stove.(adding lemon juice is to prevent crystallisation)
  • Then drain completely and grind using a processor or grinder to a thick smooth n fluffy batter (using very little water).
  • To check the perfect batter consistency , when u drop a small portion in water it should float in water like butter.
  • Then transfer the batter to a bowl and add salt n food color. Mix well thats it batter is now ready.
  • Take a clean n new zip lock , revert it and in the center make a whole using hot nail in such a way the whole get sealed and it will tear while squeezing.
  • Then using spatula keep the urad dal batter to the zip lock and bring all dough together and  tie using a rubber band.(like we do for henna cone or pastry bag with icing)
  • Now heat oil in a wide pan/kadai, oil should be medium hot , squeeze the batter directly in to the hot oil randomly (like we do for murukku) .based on your size of the pan, fry 5-10 mini jangris at a time.
  • Turn them frequently and fry till it turns crisp n well done.
  • Drain it in paper towel and transfer it to the prepared warm sugar syrup.
  • Repeat the same for all remaining batter.
  • Let the mini jangri rest in the sugar syrup for at least 1 hour for fine taste n texture.

Use grinder or food processor for grinding urad dal. Sprinkle little water while grinding.
Do not grind for long time ,then the grinder will get hot this makes the dough /batter sour that results in oily jangri.
If you feel your batter to be little watery then add 2-3 tsp of rice flour mix well n use.
Sugar syrup should be warm not hot syrup.
Oil should not be too hot nor too low.It should be medium hot.
If you are grinding rice along with dal then no need to add rice flour unless your batter requires.


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