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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soya Chunks Brown Rice Biryani / Soya Chunks Biryani Using Brown Rice / Brown Rice Biryani Recipe!

Today's recipe is a healthy, flavorful and delicious one pot meal Soya Chunks Biryani using Brown Rice. For more than 2 years i am using brown rice for my meals. I have tried more recipes with brown rice before but biryani, this is the first time. For May month's Shh secretly cooking challenge i was paired with Manjula of Desi Fiesta and she gave Brown Rice and Cilantro as the secret ingredients and in turn i gave her wheat flour and Pepper. She made healthy Wheat Dosa with Pepper. And i am here with Soya Chunks Brown Rice Biryani.

First i thought of making some Snack or Dosa Recipe using Brown rice but then Yesterday i was craving for some spicy foods and also wanted to make it healthy with simple recipe, so decided to make Brown Rice Biryani for lunch. Only thing i worried was the water ratio, since i usually cook brown rice in open pot with a small fistful of rice and water above 1/2" the rice level. That worked perfectly for me. But for one pot meal i dunno the right measurement and roughly tried with near by 3 times of water and it turned out so good. The rice was cooked perfectly soft, fluffy and at the same time not mushy. I shared it with my friends and they too loved it and appreciated me for the yummy recipe. For this Brown Rice Biryani i used soya chunks but you can use mixed veggies or mushroom or even chicken. Now off to the recipe.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thinai Arisi Sambar Sadham / Millet Sambar Bhat / Foxtail Millet Lentil Bhat

Fox Tail Millet / Thinai is one of my recent favorite grain and i am including it in my diet weekly twice or thrice. I replace white rice with brown rice, oats, millet, cracked wheat and completely skip white rice. Generally Millets(Kambu, Ragi, Solam, Thinai, Samai) are a natural source of protein and iron. Millet is very easy to digest, it contains a high amount of lecithin and is excellent for strengthening the nervous system. Millets are also rich in B vitamins, especially niacin, B6 and folic acid, as well as the minerals calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Millets contain no gluten, they are good for people who are gluten-intolerant. And the most important factor, regular consumption of Millets reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes because millets are rich in magnesium, which regulates secretion of glucose and insulin.
I am trying to include these millets in our diet in all possible forms. So experimenting few recipes and this Millet Sambar Bhat/Thinai Sambar Sadham is one such experiment turned out good. Just like the regular white rice sambar sadham tried it and the millet sambar bhat turned out good. Even my husband liked this Thinai Arisi Sambar Sadham. We had it with Vazhakkai Varuval, Plain Yogurt and pickle. More comfort, filling and satisfying meal. Now off to the recipe...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cauliflower Kheema / Gobi Kheema Recipe

Kheema / Keema is a minced meat curry but typically minced mutton curry is often mentioned as Kheema. But it can also be done with any kind of meat and even with fresh vegetables and soya. I have already shared the recipe for Soya Kheema/Soya Granules Kheema. And i have tried with crumbled Tofu and Cauliflower also. Today am sharing the Cauliflower kheema recipe. This is nothing but a grated caulfilower curry with peas and mild spices. This Gobi Keema pairs well with Rotis, Dosa and even as a sandwich filling. Or you can make it as a kati roll with some spiced onions, green chutney with plain paratha. Actually i wanted to present this Cauliflower keema like kati roll but, was run out of time hubby came for lunch little earlier that day so i clicked the pictures in a hurry. Later for my kids i made roll with this gobi keema and they liked it and surprisingly asked one more. This Gobi Keema is perfect for a mess free lunch box either with chapathis as roll or as a Keema Sandwich.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dill Leaves Paratha / Dill Lachha Paratha / Dill Layered Paratha Recipe

Dill is an aromatic herb and is mentioned as Dill weed that are used to flavor food stuffs. Dill herb is also called as Suva in Gujarathi, Sathakuppi in Tamil. Both fresh and dried dill leaves, seeds are widely used in culinary creations. But the fresh dill leaves/dill weed gives nice aroma and has more health benefits compared to the dried ones. I mostly prefer the fresh dill weed, love the strong aroma,feathery look and the fresh green color of the herb.
I usually make deep fried stuffs like dill leaves pakora, dill masal vadai or simple add to flavor potatoes or garlic butter. This time wanted to make some other dishes. And the first recipe came to mind was Paratha. This is a plain Dill leaves Paratha using whole wheat flour. Instead of regular rolling method i tried as layered paratha, Lachha Paratha. This is bit time consuming, but sure gives extra flavor, taste and looks so good than the plain rotis. This was a hit and my kids loved it a lot. So next time, if you see fresh dill leaves at grocery store, pick a bunch and try this Dill Leaves Lachha Paratha for your family and let me know how it turned out to you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cranberry Rice / Spicy Cranberry Rice

Cranberries are normally considered too sharp to be eaten plain and raw, as they are not only sour but bitter as well. But Me and V love fresh cranberries with salt and chilli powder, like how we eat raw mango. The sour and mild sweet Cranberries tastes so good with chilli and salt. Whenever i buy fresh cranberries i make Instant Cranberry pickle or simply end up eating it raw. This time for a change tried this Cranberry Rice using fresh cranberries, since we love savory stuffs with Cranberries than the sweet based or drinks. Also the savory and spicy preparation of Cranberries tastes similar to Mango recipes. So i tried this rice similar to Raw Mango Rice with the addition of onions. The end result was so yummy, tangy and spicy rice. We loved it a lot. If you haven't tried any savory recipes with Cranberries then give it a try, you will definitely love it. Still having some fresh Cranberries and decided to try some sweet or dessert with it. Now off to the recipe...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Beet Root Pulao / Beets Pulao With Fresh Beets Juice / Beet Root Coconut Milk Pulao

Today's recipe is an interesting and colourful One Pot meal using fresh beets juice and coconut milk. For a change along with coconut I extracted beet root juice and made this simple Pulao. It does not need more spices just a few simple ingredients and procedure. This pinkish red colour pulao is sure to attract anyone and the mellow coconut flavor gives unique taste to the dish. If you haven't tried pulao or biryani using fresh beets so far, please go ahead and try this easy, healthy and delicious one pot meal for your kids and loved ones. Just a few more days for Valentine's Day this pulao is one of the best choice for Valentine's Day lunch or dinner menu. Now off to the recipe..

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Peanut Rice / Verkadalai Sadham - Easy Lunch Box Recipes!

I mostly prefer quick fix meal or some simple rice recipes for lunch. This peanut rice is one such quick simple meal that needs only few ingredients and and also an easy way to finish off some left over rice. This Peanut rice doesn't need any great side dish. Just a chips/Papad/Fryums is enough. Like other variety rices, this Peanut rice comes in rescue on some or lazy weekdays lunch. Since I love peanuts in any form, I used to add peanuts in most of my variety rices, upma and in all possible dishes. There are tons of variety rice recipes and different methods of Peanut rice, this is my convenient method with fresh coconut touch. Very flavorful and delicious rice, some fryums or papads with a bowl of peanut rice is enough for a happy & satisfying meal.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Peas Paratha / Peas Stuffed Paratha

Peas is the one of the veg that my kids do not eat. They even like Bitter gourd but did not know that reason they dislike Peas. I love peas and Mr.V also do not complain with peas recipes but the kids they will not even taste it. They do not eat peas in any dish, even in their favorite Mutter Paneer Masala. I have experimented in so many dishes but, they constantly say big NO to peas. The i stopped compelling them to eat peas and sometimes they like to eat Peas in mashed form. So I rarely make Paneer Peas Paratha for them and the Sprouted Peas Paratha is my favorite. Recently I prepared Green Peas kachori and of the previous My Peas recipes they loved Peas Kachori a lot and the elder thought it as some green chutney. He asked me How you spread the chutney inside the poori, please show me I want to see it, how the chutney gets into the round poori...LOL..this question reminded me of the Potato Masal Bonda comedy :p Then I prepared this Peas Paratha with the same filling which I used for Green Peas Kachori. Without any complaint they finished the paratha with yogurt. Now off to the recipe..

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tomato Rice / Quick Tomato Rice ~ Easy Lunch Box Recipe !

Today's recipe is one quick, simple and easy to make Tomato Rice that is perfect for lunch box with some chips or any vegetable fry. I have already posted this recipe along with Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste post but then thought its a too lengthy post, so thought to share it here as a New post. This Tomato rice can be done with left over rice but for lunch box i recommend to try with freshly cooked & cooled Rice. This is my most favorite quick fix recipe and i love to add some masala powder to my tomato rice. Its sure gives nice flavorful and yummy rice.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vegetable Rava Biryani / Rava Biryani - Easy & Quick One Pot Meal!

Today's Recipe is one easy & quick one pot meal with more satisfying taste & flavor - Vegetable Rava Biryani. Rava Upma is one such recipe which is not liked by most of the people, particularly men. Mr.V also hate Rava upma and never allow to me to cook it for him, i make it only for me and my kids. Upma is one of my fav breakfast/dinner menu. During my school days i even ask my mom to pack upma for my lunch box with sugar. I just love upma with sugar and plain yogurt.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bengali Khichdi

Khichdi, nothing but a healthy n delicious one pot meal in which rice cooked with vegetables and lentils. I usually make khichdi with moongdal and i have already posted simple Carrot Peas Khichdi. This Bengali Khichdi is an interesting recipe which i came across in Tarla Dalal site. This khichdi is loaded with spices, which we use for biryani /pulao very flavorful and healthy. Kids will definitely love this khichdi as its mild spicy and very flavorful. If u are looking for something quick, easy & delicious one pot meal for lunch on busy weekdays then this Bengali Khichdi is one best option with loaded nutrition.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Raw Mango Rice / Maanga Sadham / Quick Mango Rice

Belated Friendship Day Wishes to all My Readers & Blogger friends. Hope you all had a lovely Weekend, mine too went well. I know Mango Season is almost over but only a month back we got Raw Mangoes from Indian Store and tried few recipes with it. Last week posted Instant Mango Pickle recipe. And today I am here with Raw Mango recipe which i made a month back but for some reason other recipes took the priority. Today decided to share this Instant and Quick Mango Rice recipe. A mild tangy and delicious rice with only two simple steps. Perfect for lunch box or you can prepare this for quick Nevadiyam on Fridays. Now off to the quick & easy to make Mango Rice recipe...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Broccoli Rasam / Broccoli Paruppu Rasam / Broccoli Lentils Soup

South Indian Meals does not complete without a Rasam. Rasam is nothing but a light, tangy & flavorful soup made using tomato, lentils, crushed whole pepper, jeera/Cumin seeds & Garlic. it can be had as such to treat sore throat, cold & cough and generally its taken along with plain rice. But some people love Rasam with Idli, Dosa, Upma, Vadai.

As i have already mentioned in my Broccoli Spinach Kootu that i love cooking Broccoli Indian Way. After trying broccoli in sambar, Kootu i wanted to try a Rasam with it, so recently tried Broccoli Rasam n to my surprise the taste & Flavor turned out so good. I was so excited n happy with my creation, one more addition to my Broccoli Recipes.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Broccoli Peas Pulao using Coconut Milk / Broccoli Peas Coconut Milk Pulao

Like Potato we love Broccoli and often make recipes with it. My kids like to munch Stir fried broccoli , baked broccoli, Roasted Broccoli or simply blanched n salted one as such. This is all because of my repetitive cooking recipes with Broccoli for the blog. So a big thanks to this blogging world. Now my friends named my family as " Broccoli Family" :)
Have tried/experimented more recipes with Broccoli & here's One more addition to my Broccoli Recipes, Broccoli Peas Pulao using Coconut Milk. This is very simple pulao with bursting flavors n taste. The combo of whole Garam Masala, coconut milk & Broccoli turned out so good and very aromatic pulao i ever made. I also added a handful of methi leaves which is one more reason for the unique flavor n taste. If u are looking for some exotic recipe with simple preparations n ingredients this is one best recipe. Even person who do not like to eat broccoli will definitely love eating it this way. Now off to the recipe...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spiced Curd Ildy / Thayir Idli

Have U ever tried Idly with curd? I know Most of ur's answer will be "No" but this is one of my most fav lunch box recipe. yup.,i used to take podi idlis dunked in yogurt/curd for my lunch. But except me none like this combo at home or at school, my frenz never touched my box and sometimes don't even turn my side. All used to tease me, h u able to eat such combo? I used to argue without tasting curd n idly h u teasing me just give it try then u will also love it. But none touched my box, and used to treat me like a typical creature, even my H won't sit near me if i have this curd idly on my plate. But i love Yogurt/Curd in any form n would like to have plain yogurt/curd with Idly, Dosa, Rotis, Upma, fruits and include it daily in my diet . And this curd idly & Curd Vada / Thayir Vada (south Indian style) is my most fav dishes. And this is a healthy & low calorie alternative for deep fried Thayir Vadai. Spiced curd idli is nothing but a podi idli dunked in plain yogurt/curd. Generally i do not add tempering to the curd but for the pics this time added tempering and it added extra taste and flavor to my favorite dish. Now am eager to know h many of u like this curd n idly combo :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chickpeas Methi Masala BrownRice / Kala Channa Methi Brown Rice - Healthy Brown Rice Recipes!

Today's recipe is simple yet perfect recipe for people who diet and looking for low calorie, high fiber n healthy recipes. You can diet and still enjoy yummy and delicious recipes by adding high fiber or whole grain in your every day meal. I regularly add brown rice instead of white rice, but some times get bored to eat as such with side dish. So sometimes will make one pot meal with addition of vegetables and spices. This chickpeas methi masala brown rice is one such easy n filling recipe. I used 1/4 cup or less chickpeas, methi, few carrots and peas little spices and put everything together tossed. It is so simple and sounds delicious right? Yeah its healthy and filling too. Here you go..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Vermicelli Biryani / Vermicelli Vegetable Biryani

Today's recipe is interesting and delicious everyone's favorite Biryani using Vermicelli. I love vermicelli, its so easy and cok so fast. And also you can make many variety of recipes with this vermicelli and have experimented few recipes with vermicelli like, Tomato Rice Vermicelli Pulao, Vermicelli Broccoli Biryani, Garlic Methi Mutter Vermicelli. This biryani is also one of my favorite vermicelli recipe which I have already posted and few days took pics to update my archived post. But i couldn't upload any pics to that post, dunno the reason. As its one of the Hit post i don't want to delete it, so today am sharing as a new post with new pics. But this time didn't took step wise pics will update it later. Instead of plain Vermicelli Upma or Khicdi this Biryani is loaded with more vegetables and flavor which sure loved by both kids and adults. If u haven't tried this, try it for ur weekend lunch and enjoy this awesome one pot meal with your family. Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beets Potato Paneer Paratha / Aloo Beets Paneer Stuffed Paratha - Easy Kids Lunch Box Recipe.

Actually i started to make cutlets with beets and potatoes for Valentine special savory snack and i  made cute pink colored heart shaped cutlets and also the cutlets come out so good and i even clicked around 40-50 pictures. But due to low lighting the pictures were too bad and turned out so dark n grainy ones. I wan't upset because its an expected one since it was around 4.00 pm when i set everything to click pics. So with that doubt I kept some stuffing in the fridge to make the cutlets again in the morning but next day i changed my mind and instead of cutlets made this yummy and filling Parathas along with some crumbled paneer. There's not much cooking involved in the stuffing-beets potato paneer preparation except boiling potatoes which also requires only 15 or less time, so u can make the filling within 20 minutes.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moongdal Jeera Rice / Jeera Rice - Easy Lunch Recipes

Today's recipe is one of the easiest, aromatic one pot meal, Moongdal Jeera rice. It's nothing but a regular jeera rice with the addition of moongdal. I love adding jeera/cumin seeds in all my cooking, sambar, rasam, stir fry, curries, kuzhambu, kootu everything I love the flavor and above all it's very good for health n has lots of health benefits. Aids in digestion, heals ulcers n related problems. And also its Antiseptic properties help fight flu, by boosting your immune system. A cup of water boiled with cumin seeds, ginger, basil leaves and honey, can give great relief. Cumin seeds contain a good amount of iron. So, try to make it a point to add a dash of jeera powder or 1/4 tsp cumin seeds in all your cooking.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chilli Tomato Paratha / Spicy Tomato Chapathi

This is one of my recent experiment which turned out Super Hit with my kids. Week days dinner will be mostly Chapathi & Curry. My kid wanted his chapathi to be colorful, like green(Palak Paratha), Yellow(Dal Paratha), Pink(beets Paratha) and this time he asked me,
Sanjay - Mommy, do u know to make red color or blue color chapathi?! Daily its boring to eat plain            
               chapathi...can u make some red or blue chapathi today?
Me -   sure dear, which color u want Red or Blue?! (Praying myself that he should say "Red" and not
           blue :)
Sanjay - after lil' red color chapathi & tomorrow blue ok?!
Me -   Thank God!! :) and started thinking what to add for red color?!
First thought to make chapathi with Pizza sauce then changed my mind since wanted to use fresh vegetables and made this mild Tangy & Spicy Tomato Chapathi. The chapathi tasted so good and both Sanjay & Akshay loved it and asked me to make it again :)I served this chili tomato paratha with Coconut Chutney and that combo also worked. I was happy that becoz of Sanjay i got one new post to share here..U too try this for your kids and let me know the result. Now off to the recipe...